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When it comes to measuring linear distances and thicknesses, high accuracy is vital. At ECPL, we can calibrate an extensive range of dimensional metrology equipment to help you obtain the most accurate results. Our precision metrology services extend to calipers, Micrometers, Limit Gauges, Snap Gauges, Gauge Blocks, Universal Length Measuring Machines, CNC / BMC Machines, Profile Projector, Heights Gauge, Surface Plate and more.

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Instruments We Calibrate

  • Slip Gauge – Grade 0 and coarser

  • Universal Length Measuring Machine

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • CNC Machines Tools

  • Machine Centers

  • Tape and Scale Measuring Machine

  • Electronic Height Gauge

  • Profile Projector

  • Microscope and

  • Video Measuring System

  • Angular scale and Angle Graticule

  • Surface plates

  • External and Internal Micrometers

  • Calipers (dial and digital)

  • Vernier Depth Gauge,

  • Height Gauge, 2D Height Gauge

  • Plain/Thread Plug Gauge

  • Plain/Thread Ring Gauge

  • Taper Plain Plug/Ring Gauge

  • Taper Thread Plug/Ring Gauge

  • Feeler Gauge and Thickness Foils

  • Snap Gauge

  • Dial Gauge (Plunger/ Lever type)

  • Bore Gauges

  • Pitch Gauge and Radius Gauge

  • Groove Dial Gauge

  • Dial Thickness gauge

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  •  Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Three Pin Micrometer

  • Pistol Caliper

  • Millimess

  • Sine bar

  • Bevel Protector

  • Combination Set

  • Inclinometer

  • V-Blocks and Angle Plates

  • Engineer Square

  • Test Sieves,